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Istanbul Istiklal Street and Flower Passage

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Istiklal Street and Flower Passage

Istiklal Street and Flower Passage (Cicek Pasaji) are indispensable popular places for those living in Istanbul. Day and night are always crowded places.

Istiklal Street; is the most famous street in the Istanbul. It is a meeting point for everybody.
Istiklal street is one of the most important places in Istanbul with its entertainments and cultural activities. There is always a lively nightlife. It is which extends from the Taksim square to the Tunnel, is the favorite street. Nostalgic tram passes on Street, which is closed to cars traffic. On this street has cinemas, theaters, art workshops, cultural activities, exhibition halls, bars, restaurants, shopping malls and cafes. Some of the restaurant has on the rooftops with wonderful Bosphorus views. Night clubs do not close until the morning hours.
It is one of the places to visit in the fantastic Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the street.Flower Passage

Flower Passage; It is the historical passage where visitors can enjoy the lively atmosphere of their food restaurant. Especially in restaurants, seafood is served. It was a place where there were many small flower shops in the 1940s. Beer houses and bars came here in the following years. Florists left the building and moved to another place, but the name of the building remained as "Flower Passage" (Cicek Pasaji).
A great place with amazing architecture. We strongly recommend for those who want to spend a lively night in Istanbul.

Nevizade; is on the back side of the flower passage. The small narrow street is a place where there are lots of pubs and beer houses. In a place where bar tables are in front of doors on the street. Sometimes it can be difficult to even walk from the crowd to the table. It is a place where young people and students are especially interested. Because price is cheaper than flower passage.

There are other popular places to visit on Istiklal Street.

We have listed some of for you;

  • Atlas Passage,
  • Aleppo Passage,
  • Aznavur Passage,
  • Marquise Passage,
  • Flower Passage,
  • Syrian Passage,
  • El-Hamra Passage,
  • European Passage,
  • Saint Antuan Church,
  • Asmalimescit,
  • Nevizade,
  • Tunnel,
  • Algerian Impasse,
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum,
  • Demirören Shopping Mall.

We recommend you to come to Istanbul and visit here. These beautiful places, which are always lively and colorful, are waiting for you. We will be happy to see you in Istanbul. If you contact us, we will be happy to assist you with our local expert guide for Istanbul Daily City tours and Istanbul Bosphorus tours.

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