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Istanbul Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square

Sultanahmet Square is the oldest square in Istanbul. Since the establishment of the first years of the city of Istanbul, it has started to expand around this square. Istanbul has been a big city in every period of history. The Vikings, who passed through the Bosphorus for the first time, were surprised by the size of Istanbul and called it the big village. People who have lived here throughout history have lived in and around Sultanahmet Square. Today, the place is called the historical peninsula and the old city of Istanbul.

Visiting in Sultanahmet Square

The German Fountain in the square - (the gift of the German Kaiser Wilhelm II) at the Sultanahmet SquareHippodrome. The Egyptian Obelisk, one of the symbols of Istanbul. You will be happy to visit the Blue Mosque (called the Blue Mosque) next to the Hippodrome. There are nice places to sit and relax under the tree. It has always been one of the most crowded squares of the city.

You can often see tourists in groups or on their own. People from all over the world come here to come. Near the square, there are very important historical places such as Hagia Sophia Museum, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi Palace. There are empty rooms and tunnels belonging to the historical Hippodrome under the square. Unfortunately, it is closed to visitors. We hope that it will be opened one day and that we can visit these interesting places. If you go towards the end of the square, you can see the sphendone walls from the outside where the hippodrome ends.

Summer in Sultanahmet Square

In the near term of the schools, especially in April and May, you will see groups of Turkish students who come to visit historical places. These student groups sometimes create intensity in the square and the region.

There are small shops near the square where you can shop. You can buy souvenirs here. You can buy water, bagels, boiled corn, baked chestnuts, ice cream in the square. You can drink coffee, tea, beer in the nearby cafes and watch the surroundings.

You can find very nice places for eating. Whatever you like. The places serving traditional Turkish cuisine are the famous Turkish döner kebab, pita and Turkish meatballs. You can also find foods like pizza and burgers. Our best choice Historical Sultanahmet Meatballs Restaurant is simple and old-style but one of the best menus of the entire Sultanahmet square. This meatballs restaurant is behind of Sultanahmet tram station. We recommend. 

You can get daily tours from various official travel agencies located near the square. There are many activities such as walking tours, Bosphorus boat tours, night tours. Let's be careful about this, there are those who sell illegal tours in the square or on the road, please stay away. It is always guaranteed to buy from the travel agency.


Public Transportaion to Sultanahmet Square

Since the square motor vehicle is closed to traffic, transportation is carried out on foot. You can also use a bicycle or electric cyclist.
The nearest public transport in the square is the tram. There are a few minutes to reach the square from the Sultanahmet tram stop on foot. If you need a taxi, ask the hotel reception, they will assist you. We do not recommend street taxis.

There are small mansion-style hotels made of old houses in the back streets near the square. It is possible to find quality accommodation for every budget. It takes an average of 5 minutes to reach the square from these hotels.

The closest shopping center of the square is the Grand Bazaar, the oldest shopping center in the world. You can reach on foot in 15 minutes. Or it takes 5 minutes by tram. If you like to go the historical Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Market), you can go by tram in 10 minutes.

Discover the Beauty of Sultanahmet Square

We invite you for discover the beauty of Istanbul Sultanahmet Square. If you contact to us we will be glad to help you for Istanbul Sultanahmet Square tour with our local expert guide. We would like to be happy to see you in Istanbul. Welcome :)

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