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Public Transportation in Istanbul

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Public transportation in Istanbul;

Istanbul is a big city that was founded in very old times. As its geographical location, there are settlements in both Europe and Asia. It is the only city in the world on two continents. Its first place is on the continent of europe side. It expanded over time and grew on both continents. Its present population is around 15 million. There is great potential for commercially attract immigrants from Turkey and from the world.

Istanbul sea transportation

  • Since the city is sea all around, there is sea transportation. There are small and large boats in maritime transportation, which creates a very beautiful image. It is very enjoyable to travel on open-top boats, especially in the spring and summer seasons.
    Between the two sides, land transportation is carried out with 3 bridges. There are also underground tunnel with rail transportation and tunnel with road transportation.

There are main piers for ferry.

For the European side;

Eminönü pier
Karaköy pier                                                    Yenikapi pier                                                  Besiktas pier                                                Kabatas pier

For the Asian side;

Üsküdar pier
Kadikoy pier

Istanbul railway transportation

  • There are rail systems, tram and metro transportation in the city. Many places are accessible by metro and tram. There is uninterrupted transportation to the central points of the city by metro and tram. Let's remind you that the second oldest tunnel tram in the world is in Istanbul. After walking a little from the Galata bridge, you can go to Taksim Istiklal street by the tram you take on the tunnel you will come to. This tunnel is the second after London and was built in 1865. We recommend you to see this.

There are main station for metro.

For the European side;

Taksim station                                                      Yenikapi station

For the Asian side;

Ayrılıkcesmesi station (Near Kadiköy)


Istanbul city bus transportation

  • It is very common in bus transportation. There are buses going to distant settlements in and out of the city. Bus traffic can take a long time, as vehicle traffic is heavy all over the city.

There are main stops for buses.

For the European side;

Istanbul Bus

Eminönü square
Taksim square                                                          Yenikapi square                                                        Beyazit square
Besiktas square
Mecidiyeköy square

For the Asian side;

Üsküdar square
Kadikoy square


  • There are airports, bus terminals, piers and train stations in all parts of the city. All of them have connections to each other.


  • It is useful to buy an Istanbul card for any kind of transportation in Istanbul. You can automatically load money on the Istanbul card or you can load it at the toll booths near the stops. You can use it in metro, tram, bus and sea transportation in the city. An unlimited number of people can use one card. When you're done with the card, you can return it back to where you bought it. Ps.You can also use some public toilets in the city with this card.


Apart from all these transportation, you can participate in city tours for guests coming for sightseeing. In these tours organized by local travel agency, you can travel with minibuses accompanied by guides in many languages, especially English. You can cruise on the Bosphorus with small nice boats.

If you contact us, we will be happy to assist you with our local expert guide for Istanbul Daily City Tours, Istanbul Bosphorus Tours.

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