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Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

The Spice Bazaar is built between 1597 and 1664, it is also the second oldest covered bazaar in the city. The bazaar is constructedas part of the New Mosque, with rent from the shops supporting the upkeep of the mosque as well as its charitable activities, which included a school, hamam and hospital. The Spice Bazaar has 6 doors.

It is a place where the people of Istanbul for shopping. It has been a shopping mall of the people with its 400 years old history. The spice bazaar is one of the most vibrant spots of Istanbul for centuries. 

Spice Bazaar

The interior and surroundings of the Egyptian bazaar has been a region where many people shop. When you enter the Egyptian bazaar, you feel that old historical smell. Here you can find exotic flavors and a wide variety of spices. It contains a wide variety of shops such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, Turkish delight, gold, silver, flowers, honey, cheese, olives, olive oil and textiles. It is a very interesting and must-see historical place for everyone. There are shops around the spice bazaar that should be very interesting. Birds, cats, aquarium fish and supplies sold here. 

Spice bazaar

On the other hand, you can buy the freshest Turkish coffee. You can find the most beautiful and delicious Turkish cheeses and all kinds of olives and all kinds of breakfast foods here. You can find kitchen appliances in the shops at the back of the spice bazaar. If you want to visit the other side small streets, you will really see how Turkish people shop and have many different handicrafts and textile products. Maybe you will spend half a day walking around here. But it is worth getting tired. You will have seen the real life of places that you cannot see anywhere. It will add a lot to you about Istanbul. 

This is one of the must-see places when you come to Istanbul. We recommend you to see it. If you contact us, we will be happy to assist you with our local expert guide for Spice Bazaar tour and Istanbul Bosphorus tours.

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