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Top 10 Foods in Istanbul

Top 10 Foods in Istanbul


In a big city like Istanbul, there is a lot of choice. But some foods are very special. We have researched some of them for you.

Turkish Döner Kebab

Turkey and many other places in the world where you can find döner kebab, then you at every corner in Istanbul. Döner kebab is served in many forms, such as wraps (doner wrapped in lavash bread) and iskender kebab (döner in pita with yoghurt, doner with tomato sauce and butter). It is the fastest and healthiest food in the world. You can see every place you come to Turkey. Lamb and chicken are the most common.

Turkish Meatballs

A Turkish dish, meatballs, minced meat or lamb balls or meatballs, can be served in sandwiches, on salads or plain with yogurt. Famous local shop in Turkey meatballs you can eat very good things. When you come to the old city of Istanbul, we can recommend the historical Sultanahmet meatball maker. Its taste is very good. This place is next the Sultanahmet tram station, name is Tarihi Sultanbahti Köftecisi.

Turkish Bagel - Simit


This humble snack has its roots back in time. Caravan passengers traveling to and from Istanbul give this early fast food example its name. Today simit covered with sesame seeds is both a breakfast staple and a popular street food.

Turkish Baklava

This dessert actually comes from Central Asia and spread from there to the Ottoman world. The undisputed baklava capital today is an art of sweet piles of thin filo pastries drenched in milky honey and covered with peanuts. In Istanbul, we recommend Köskeroğlu, Güllüoğlu, Mehmet Yıldırım.

Turkish Kebap

Many types of kebabs such as Adana and Urfa (seasoned lamb meat cooked in hand kneaded skewers with and without spices), Beyti (grilled veal or lamb wrapped in lavash bread and filled with yoghurt and tomato sauce) and skewers (skewers and grilled spicy cubes or chicken) meat).

Turkish Lahmacun

Often mistakenly referred to as 'Turkish pizza', lahmacun has nothing to do with the Italian classic. Chopped spicy meat is added to a thin and crunchy dough, which is finished by squeezing lemon and parsley before it is curled and ready to eat. It is very delicious. We recommend.

Turkish Delight


The Turks name these delicate jelly delight cubes, derived from the Arabic word "lokum". The confectionery comes in a dazzling variety of flavors, shapes, and colors and is dusted with powdered sugar or coconut and sold in picturesque boxes by a handful.
In addition, they are often served with Turkish coffee at the end of the meal. And while we were dealing with the subject, we couldn't finish this list without mentioning coffee. Coffee, which first appeared in the imperial capital of Istanbul in the 16th century, has been a part of the life texture of the coffee that gave its name to its breakfast (before breakfast or “before coffee”) and even its brown (brown) color ever since.

Fish and Bread

They fried fish fillets on grills and deep fryers in fishermen's boats by the sea, filled them with half a loaf of bread, and offered cheap fish sandwiches to thousands of savvy Istanbulites every day. It is very popular because it is very tasty and cheap.

Turkish Pita

Delicious boat-shaped baked dough filled with many different ingredients, from minced meat to spinach, eggs and sausage (spicy Turkish sausage) and cubes (small cubes of spicy veal). You can see it everywhere in Istanbul.

Turkish Patty - Börek

Pastry is made from thin layers of dough that are baked to create a crunchy flavor with various fillings such as spinach, cheese, minced meat or spicy potatoes. After the dough layers are cooked with water pastry, the pastry is boiled to be moist.


Foods in Istanbul with Local Expert Guide

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