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Weather in Istanbul

Weather in Istanbul

Istanbul has a mixed climate. Four seasons can be experienced within a day. Summer can be very hot and sunny, winter can be very cold. The rains seasons are autumn and winter.

Spring in Istanbul

Spring, March are generally cold and a month like winter. It is warmer in April and May, sunnyIstanbul - Spring days are more common. Rains are mostly seen in March and April. Sometimes it can be cold in April and sudden changes in temperature. With the sun being seen more in May, the vitality of nature is seen everywhere. May is the month when flowers bloom, trees blossom, giving life energy to people.

Summer in Istanbul

Summer, may be a bit hot in June but slightly windy. In July, the wind does not blow, the temperature can be damp and very hot. A relaxing breeze comes from the sea, especially after the second half of August. The temperature can reach 35/37 ° C (95/99 ° F) in July and August. The sky is mostly clear and without clouds. There may be some torrential rains for a short time.

Autumn in Istanbul

Autumn, September is hot and often sunny. Clouds begin to appear. In October, the air begins to cool off. It starts to rain occasionally. The weather is very complicated in November. It can be on hot days like summer, on cold days like winter.Istanbul-Winter

Winter in Istanbul

Winter, is quite cold from December to March. The average temperature in January and February is 6.5 ° C (43.5 ° F). In winter, there are sunny times. There are cold periods when the temperature (0 ° C or 32 ° F) stays a few degrees above and snow falls. Snowfall happens once or twice every year. White snow covers all of Istanbul. Snow adds a different beauty to Istanbul. This cold weather and snow are due to Istanbul being close to the Balkans.

Occasionally, in the spring months, fog can occur in Istanbul.

The sea is very cold in the winter. It is still very cool in June. The best time in Istanbul for to swimming in July and August. You can still swim in September.

The best time to go to Istanbul; our recommendation for those visiting Istanbul is spring and autumn, especially in May, June, September and October.

There are many reasons for to come and for visiting Istanbul. Its natural beauty, historical and nice climate. Istanbul is a center of attraction. We will be happy to see you in Istanbul.

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